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Hello !

My name is David THILLE and I am the King of the Gourds !!!

How did all of this happen ???

After studying business I discovered arts and crafts doing my military service at St Gratien (in the suburbs of Paris) where I had the chance to organize an "Old Jobs Show" which allowed me to meet crafters who transmitted me their passion for their job and their lifestyle.

Scribbling regularly sketches of furniture and other objects of decoration having all in common rounded forms, I first started to work on wood

During an long stay in Mexico, I discovered strange vegetables bowl shaped, dry and as hard as wood : I began to paint and drill them, and I transformed them into ornamental lamps. My vocation was born : I shall work this natural material that is call gourd. (I shall learn afterward that this job is known in the South East of France as Cougourdonnier).

After several years of research I finally found gourd growers in France and in Africa with whom I created links which allowed me to realize hundreds of creations on all sizes and forms of existing gourds.

Then, I created La Case à Gourdes, brand which let me promote gourds and calabashes through different forms of expression.


Artist and designer, gourd wholesaler and retailer at the same time, I also propose kids workshops in schools and leisure centers as well as trainings for teenagers and adults within associations, specialized centers or for individuals.


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