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Creative Kits + Creative Cards

La case à gourde is exposed!


Halloween creative kit

Discover ours


Discover our

Special Offers

October Limited Edition !

In October the hour changes : time to inlight your home !
Studio or Big House : you will find a place to put a small, medium or big gourd inside. Light will be magik anyway !

September Special Offer !

Not perfect but so special ! Just let your imagination flow and you'll give life to those extraordianry gourds !

Special Week offer !

Each week discover a french gourd. In September you will get it for 10% less ! Go for it !

Monthly special offer

Small boxes, medium boxes and big boxes... Will you dare create fantastic lights or extraordinary sculptures ? Just imagine what you could do !

September : life goes on...

8000 new french gourds are now in stock : they are nice and big as you like them !
They may be unclassified or flat you can still love them and give life to fantastic ideas !
You want to see them live and direct ? Please come to our workshop so you can choose exactly what you want !
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