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Salad Bowls

To use these salad bowls in your everyday life, you just have, before the first use, to proceed to a small preparation :

1. Spread olive or peanut oil inside of your salad bowl.
2. Let soak overnight night
3. Rinse warm water
4. Let dry your salad bowl without returning it

That's it ! You can use your salad bowl and mix salad and vinaigrette now ! Of course, food as beets or spices as safran or curry, will slightly color your salad bowl but without transmitting any particular taste.

To wash it, please no dishwasher but a good rinsing with very warm water and a small blow of sponge will be enough (you can, if you wish it, use a washing liquid but it is globally useless.

A table !
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Salad bowl Horizon
From 18€
A sober line for fine salads !
Salad bowl Design
From 18€
A pure line for a salad with lime !
Salad Bowl Waves
From 18€
Fisherman salads !
Round Rattan Holders
From 4€
For natural and elegant stability...

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