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What is loofah ?

Loofah is what stays after drying of an exotic cucumber. Constituted by soft fibers, it is ideal to make a light natural peeling. Not abrasive, you can use it every day under the shower.

Egyptian Loofah vs Chinese Loofah

Loofah grows mainly in the oriental countries. Since the antiquity we know its exfoliating virtues used in particular for the bodycare. After a maturation of nine months, the gourd is cleaned then dried. It gives then a vegetable fiber which is used to make exfoliating articles. It is in Egypt where we find the best quality of Loofah. The one who grows in China gives a less resistant fiber, who dissolves little by little in the water and the effect of which is little exfoliating. On the other hand, the Egyptian Loofah supplies a resistant fiber, which swells and becomes flexible when wet. It allows a soft but very effective exfoliation. That is why it is very popular and used in beauty institutes, SPAS and Health centers.

How to use your Loofah ?

The Loofah glove can be regularly used to tone up the peripheral traffic(circulation), exfoliate the skin and ease the skin. As a face cloth, the loofah is personal.

Begin the massage with feet by raising upward and always mass in circular movements in the direction of the heart. The frequency will be established according to the type of skin and the personal needs. Loofah requires a rigorous hygiene. It must be rinsed well and well dried.

Obsession of buffers ? Mass in the direction of the heart for legs, by going back up for buttocks and in circle for the stomach every day to prevent the appearance of buffers. When this small inconvenience arises, mass the parts presenting these symptoms before or after the application of anti-buffer products ; by a simple daily application, you will double the efficiency of the product and you will see more quickly a visible effect in the glance and in the touch.

The use of Loofah combines several beneficial effects :

- Soft Exfoliation
- Elimination of the dead cells
- The physical massage using loofah allows to remove the dead cells and to renew the blood circulation
- An excellent method to begin or end a day activates
- Opening of pores
- Stimulation of the circulation
- Smooth lymphatic drainage
- Tactile Stimulation Machine

Washable in the washing machine at 40 °. Loofah recover its shape and its sweetness in the first soaking.

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